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Learn about volcanoes from the inside of a volcano: a new project by Indissoluble

The most interactive and innovative exhibition on volcanoes!

Espai Cràter, a journey to the centre of life

Espai Cràter is the reference centre for volcanoes, science and society. Promoted by the City Council of Olot, Girona, the project aims to be a meeting point for the educational, social and scientific community. It also aims to generate new opportunities in the different sectors of the city and to work in an innovative, experiential and participatory way to address global challenges that affect the local level.

Located inside the Puig del Roser volcano, the new building is conceived as another element of the experience and has a fully interactive exhibition, designed for all ages.

The Espai Cràter aims to become a benchmark in the field of volcanology, forging alliances with educational centres, institutions and organisations to promote projects and activities. The first step has been the signing of an agreement with Geociències Barcelona of the Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques, which gives it access to the most important scientific space in Spain and allows it to be an active part of large-scale international research and impact projects.


An exhibition optimised for learning in a playful way

The design of the exhibition space, the contents and the interactives were all created by Indissoluble, “The Exhibition Factory”. Indissoluble tells stories through spaces, creates interactive and sensory experiences to make each project a unique and memorable solution, all with the main objective of enhancing the user experience.

The exhibition, divided into several areas, deals with the volcanoes of La Garrotxa and the world, as well as the unique relationship that exists between volcanoes and their environment through various exhibition languages: audiovisuals, immersive experiences, photographs, virtual reality and videomapping.

It has a 15 m2 model that explains the geological formation of La Garrotxa, as well as game experiences and many other surprises. The exhibition also has a large lapilli slope that allows visitors to contemplate the very entrails of the Puig del Roser volcano.

The Espai Cràter offers an integrated range of activities, aimed at different educational levels, allowing students to get to know and love the world around them in order to learn to take care of it. The proposals are designed to generate a positive experience, stimulate curiosity and achieve knowledge through observation, experience and experimentation. The aim is to awaken the scientific and research spirit in students.

Espai Cràter is the only place where you can learn about volcanoes from inside a volcano.


More information about the project on the Espai Cràter website.