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ARTE & VENTA at La Plataforma


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INAUGURATION > THURSDAY 26th . NOVEMBER AT 19:00 H – FROM 20.11.2015 > 20.02.2016

La Plataforma contemporary art gallery and production study programs every year Arte & Venta, a collective exhibition that turns the space into a showroom full of art, design objects, books and gastronomy.

On Thursday 26th November at 19h the fifth edition of ARTE & VENTA will start with a very special program.

Arte & Venta is a group exhibition that gathers more than 20 artists with new proposals in the art and design fields. After five years since it opened, La Plataforma has established links and has collaborated with artists, publishing houses, design studies, musicians and cooks. For that reason there will be photographs, serigraphs, sculptures, paintings, video art, books, games and also a selection of gastronomic products.

Some of the confirmed participants at Arte & Venta are:


Alejandro Armas, Amalia Caputo Studio, Alejandro Tobón, Antoni Yranzo, Stefanie Herr, Diego Mallo, Asis Percales Underground, Ricard Aymar, Xavier Rosales Ico, Marina Font, Karenina Fabrizzi, Per Henrik Adolfsson, Patrick Thomas, Serena Salvadori, Ramon Paris, Sergio Mora, Ricardo Miras, Rebeca Rodriguez and 180hilos.


Albert Marti, Aparentment, Djeco, Isabel Herrera, Javier Blanco, Kikkerland Design, Londji, Objetos by Medio, Otto London Ponchos, Quincalla Zoco and Treee Spirit.


A buen paso, Ediciones Ekaré SUR, Publications for Pleasure,Taschen and The Folio Club (associates of the Poblenou Urban District).


La Cocina Palpita (associates of the Poblenou Urban District), Las delicias de Papoun, Museu de la Confitura, Nomad Coffe, Rooftop Smokehouse, Señor Brown el y cócteles de Mixology Mobile Cocktail Bar.

On Friday evening there will be two reasons to celebrate: the first one, the inauguration of Arte & Venta itself, one of the most expected and successful activities of the gallery; and the second one, the beginning of the activities program that La Plataforma has organized to celebrate its 5th anniversary.




From that activities program, there are three important dates that must be scheduled:

OPEN NIGHT 11.12.2016

FROM 19:00 > 01:00 h

La Plataforma celebrates the third edition of Poblenou Urban District’s Open Night, an event in which the biggest creative community of Barcelona opens its doors with a very special program full of different activities.

La Plataforma organises a serigraphy market together with live Funky Jazz playing, cocktails by Mixology Mobile and gastronomic tasting by La Cocina Palpita and Roof Top Some House.

GASTRONOMIC MARKET 05.12.2015 | 06.12.2015 | 13.12.2015

FROM 12:30 > 19:00 h

Activity focused on food. La Plataforma wants to combine art, gastronomy and creativity so the public can enjoy a good meal while visiting the gallery. There will also be wine tasting and a selection of gourmet and proximity products.


FROM 19:00 > 23:00 h

The art gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary, and proposes an evening full of music, art and food with the artists who have worked with La Plataforma during these years, as well as friends and collaborators.