Poblenou Urban District is a private non-profit association, formed by professionals, companies and organizations from the creative and cultural sector of Poblenou, founded in 2012, whose main objective is to promote the creative and cultural community of the district and position Poblenou as the creative and cultural District from Barcelona.



Position and promote Poblenou as the "Creative and cultural District of Barcelona" and as a center of reference in innovation, creative and contemporary cultural production on an international level.

Promote the community and creative production and cultural of Poblenou, promoting synergies, cooperation and interaction among its different members.

Give visibility and value the importance and contribution of culture and creativity in economic, social development and cultural district.

Contribute to community development through art, culture and creativity


What we do

Poblenou Urban District develops its activity through four main axes:

Poblenou Urban District annually programs different cultural events and programs linked to art and creativity with the aim of promoting the district and creating a reference in Barcelona.
The Association has a series of tools and channels of communication on and off line, through which it promotes the contents of the creative community and cultural events produced by the Association, and develops numerous promotional activities to publicize the District and its associates.
Throughout the year, the Association promotes alliances and collaborations with other actors and entities of the district, of the city and internationally, with the aim of producing emblematic events, and fostering exchange, cooperation, internationalization and creative innovation and cultural.
One of the main objectives of Poblenou Urban District is to create synergies between its partners through different collaborations and events, as well as to promote training through training programs, workshops, debates, etc.



  • 24%

    Art Galleries, Museums and Creation Centers

  • 9%

    Coworkings, Hubs and Education Centers

  • 24%

    Design, Communication and Production Studies

  • 7%

    Concert Halls, Music Promoters and Theaters

  • 12%

    Shops and Leisure activities

  • 8%

    Hotels and Hostels

  • 16%

    Bars, Restaurants and Delicatessen


The Poblenou Urban District Association is a non-profit professional association founded on June 16, 2012, which is ruled by Statutes that establish the purposes of the organization, as well as regulate its internal functioning.

The Statutes currently in force were approved at the assembly on April 25, 2014 after a remodeling and restructuring process promoted by the Board of
Directors at the request of the assembly.

Download the Statutes of Poblenou Urban District Assoc.

These Statutes are effective as of January 9, 2015, the date of their registration.


Board of directors

The board of directors of Poblenou Urban District is formed by:

Claudia Costa. La Plataforma
Gloria Morera. Poblenou Urban District
Ana Laura Solís. Story We Produce
Lluís Torrents. Razzmatazz
Sara Salas. Noak Room
Enric López. Wò
Kike del Olmo. Koh
Cristina Salinas. Life In The Woods
Alfons Pich. Life In The Woods
Christian Giribets. Bau
Arnau Abril. Àtim
Quique Camín. Utopia 126
Silvia Brandi. IaaC
Minos Digenis. Roc 35
Silvia Nonell. Roc35
Santiago Hernández. Barcelona Princess
Vicente Ruiz. Grande Studio
Òscar Vallès. Utopia 126
Miguel Angel Casares. The Folio