Barcelona_File_01: Chronicles of an Opening


On Thursday April 10, The Folio Club opened an exhibition of Photographer Gregori Civera. The project entitled Barcelona_File_01 portrays the architectural evolution Barcelona has undergone during the last ten years. Poblenou Urban District was pleased to attend the grand event.

The event began with discussion led by photographer Manolo Laguillo, journalist Ignacio Vidal- Folch and Gregori Civera himself. When talking about photography the subject of the use of white and black against colour rose up. Black & White photography evokes emotion and nostalgia while colour photographs, which in today’s world are more appealing, are more informative. The career of the photographer and writers were also compared – they both tell stories, but one does it through words while the other uses images.

After the discussion, The Folio Club invited the audience to enjoy the exhibit with a Moritz.

If you still haven’t seen the exhibit, do not miss this chance! Until April 28th you can enjoy it at the headquarters of The Folio Club ( Roc Boronat 37, Llacuna metro).