BARQ FESTIVAL –International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona

After the great audience success and critical acclaim of its first edition, the second edition of BARQ– International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona will take place in May 10th-15th in Cinemas Girona (Barcelona) during the Barcelona Architecture Week.

The festival, which had 21.748 attendants in its first edition, has opened its submission period for new documentary films of all over the world. In its 2nd edition the festival will organize the first BARQ Madrid with the projection of the winnerin the feature film category and a panel discussion the reafter.

BARQ Festival is the platform to show the latest productions, both national and international, of movies inspired by architecture and built environments from a social perspective. The festival continues with it saim of bringing near the latest topics of contemporary architecture to a general audience through cinema, creating thus a space for critical thought about the spaces we live in.

With an extensive program that will include a selection of high-quality documentary films and different parallel activities (talks, debates, workshops and conferences),BARQ Festival brings to the viewers newperspectives on the creative processes of architecture through film, encouraging a dialogue between bothartistic disciplines and generating a debate around urban, social and environmental issues. For their organizers,B ARQ Festival specially values those audiovisual works that show through architecture, in an innovative and original way, current topics such as urban activism, politics, economy, ecology, territorial, cultural and social diversity, housing, tolerance and equal rights.