Off Llum BCN 5 months

BAU presents Nucli for Off Llum Bcn 2022

For this third edition of Off Llum Bcn, BAU (University Design Center) will host the Nucli light installation.

Nucli is an artistic work that was created with the participation of ex-students of BAU. Artists such as Xavier Maixenchs Bobé, Catalina Joy Ansaldi, Luisina Andrea Lauriente, David Pastor Ussetti and Lorenza Tabares Montoya give us the opportunity to see their light work Nucli.

Nucli is characterized by being a central interface of immaterial information, which exhibits visual and sound elements to form a sensory data system. The information begins with a journey from a central point, generating different communication flows to other devices, creating a sensory-audiovisual experience.

The work is installed in a classroom of the University Center, where education is present daily. This transmission of information seeks to represent the educational process. As from a central entity knowledge, values, beliefs and habits are distributed to the members who are part. Through connections between sound and light, different patterns and combinations of audiovisual information are generated to be interpreted by the user. The space invites visitors to be part of the classroom as students and live an experience.

The artists are former students of BAU, from the master’s degree in Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments.

Xavi Maixenchs (Spain): Industrial designer, artist and developer of new digital media. He has knowledge of hardware and software, 3D art, light and kinetics, installations, stage shows, production and virtual reality.

Catalina Ansaldi (USA/Argentina): Audiovisual designer with knowledge of cameraman, editor, VJ, DJ and sound design in various fields and cultures.

Luisina Lauriente (Argentina): Architect with a strong interest in product design, ephemeral architecture, parametric design and digital fabrication. She combines her technical knowledge with experimentation with different materials and technologies to create user-centered interactive environments.

David Ussetti (Spain): Graphic designer and art director passionate about creativity, communication and technology. His work covers a wide creative range, from generating conceptual ideas, their graphic and visual expression, or creating communication strategies while maintaining good management of art and design programs.

Lorenza Tabares (Colombia): Electronic Engineer who is characterized by implementing electronics and light in her works; installations technically made up of electromechanics, sensors, kinetics, etc. She currently works as a Technology Expert at Protopixel.


Day and time: Friday to Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Location: Pujades, 128


Hosts: BAU

Sponsor: BAU