BD Barcelona Design celebrates 10 years in the Creative District of Barcelona

BD Barcelona Design celebrates its 10 years in the Creative District of Barcelona and for the occasion they will present the new collections of furniture designed by Jaime Hayón and Konstantin Grcic on Thursday 11th of November from 7PM to 10PM in their spaces.

Jaime Hayón, Spanish artist and designer, will present his collection “Explorer”, with his dining table that reminds us of jelly beans, those rounded candies that kids in the US eat, and with a pronounced identity: personality, sympathy, elegance and manufacturing quality. 

Konstantin Grcic, german designer and one of world’s most influential designers, will present the new pieces of his collection “Table B”, a large program of table for all kinds of uses, both indoor and outdoor. Grcic’s designs can be recognized with their functionality and simplicity. The collection will have two new models: Table B Desk (with a width of 70 cm) and Table B 90 (with a width of 90 cm). 

BD Barcelona Design was created by young architects and designers of Barcelona almost 50 years ago, and arrived in Barcelona’s Creative District 10 years ago. Nowadays, BD is a pioneer in terms of design and they are present in more than 60 countries through the best design shops, art galleries and collaborating with most avant-garde interiorism and architecture studios. 

¡See you on Thursday 11th of November at Carrer de Ramon Turró, 126!