Campus Conecta makes a strong comeback in 2022

The platform that connects you with training offers and scholarships for the creative and cultural ecosystem of Europe and America will hold two fairs to multiply its impact.


Campus Conecta was born with an event, a fair or a three-day “epiphany” that was made in a hybrid way from Bogota (Colombia) on November 10, 11 and 12, 2021.

The objective of this platform is to connect many of the training offers (formal and informal), oriented to the cultural and creative sectors in Latin America and Europe (with emphasis on Spain, Italy and Portugal) and to strengthen the network of relationships between the different entities and organizations linked to the platform with their potential audiences. In other words, Campus Conecta is a connection between training entities, people and territories, with a process of hybridization and crossbreeding, fundamental for the health of creative ecosystems.


After the launch event, Campus Conecta continues with its activities and temporary and public activations, such as the Live Bar (biweekly meetings that take place on the Instagram channel of Conexiones Creativas where the training and work experience of a professional in the cultural and creative field is exposed) or the fair events (of which there will be two in 2022, one per semester).

Likewise, Campus Conecta has some closed days aimed at allied entities in which learning and insights are shared. One of them will be in the next edition of the Urban talks organized by Poblenou Urban District.

Cave highlight the fact that different entities of Poblenou Urban District (thanks to the collaboration with the district) are present in the Campus Conecta platform: BAU, SAE Institute, Open Design Studio, El Taller Escuela de Joyería, TSH Campus; each of them with programs in sectors such as illustration, graphic design, jewelry design, interior design, mentoring for artists, among others.


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