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The Platform presents “Construcciones Analógicas”

The gallery La Plataforma inaugurated last Saturday the exhibition “Construcciones Analógicas” by the artists Paul Ekaitz and José Hernández-Diez. Coinciding with the celebration of the Poblenou Open Day, the gallery was present throughout the day.

The exhibition, which will be on show until 5 June, rescues brilliant ideas from both artists at exactly the right moment and represents the perfect opportunity to create an “exquisite corpse”, because it is never too late to imbue with punky nostalgia the fascination for fire, light and the persistence the image.

20 years after the last piece of video art presented by José Antonio and 20 years after Paul received the INJUVE award (Institute of Youth, Spain), two great colleagues and talented creators promote this space for dialogue in “La Plataforma”.

The conversation between the two artists is casually conducted through emblematic pieces by each of them, giving rise to an interesting collaborative work and pieces created specifically for this exhibition.

José Antonio Hernández-Diez is an essential part of the explosive generation of Venezuelan artists who at the beginning of the 90’s managed to materialize groundbreaking and internationally competitive proposals, playing hand in hand with the first generation of the “Young British Artists” and part of the generation of heirs by Nam June Paik.

Since his beginnings, José Antonio has insisted on giving value to technology that is condemned to disappear and be displaced. For Hernández-Diez, the screens that support his speech compresses a message that is still possible to decipher, but that in the future will practically be encrypted and will be very difficult and expensive to display and translate, technically speaking.

Paul Ekaitz, graduated from Escola Massana, Barcelona, moved to Berlin in 2000 and studied at the U.D.K (Universität der Künste, Berlin). After a decade, he returns to Barcelona where he continues his artistic career. Paul is the founder of the Invaliden 1 Gallery, an artist run space in which fifty exhibitions by international artists have been shown.

Tireless creative, he is able to transform empty spaces, orchestrating within them hundreds of objects that he masterfully captures, classifies and stages. Video and photography are the means with which Ekaitz records his installations, making them memorable stays. Local celebrities and eccentrics have gathered on Paul’s sets, who models each of his sets with a unique character, even sculptural, with light.