Urban Talks 7 months

Culture and creativity in constant mutation

The Urban Talks are a cycle of itinerant talks that aim to open a debate with the citizens about culture and creativity in relation to the urban environment and that are a part of the Urban District Arts Festival (UDAF) project. It’s an event organized by Poblenou Urban District, the contemporary art gallery and production studio La Plataforma, the creative agency Life In The Woods and Sala Razzmatazz as venue partner.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Mark Fisher

“What used to be a ‘lifetime’ project has today become an attribute of the moment. Once designed, the future is no longer ‘forever’, but instead needs to be continually assembled and disassembled. Each of these two operations, apparently contradicting, are of comparable importance and tend to be equally absorbing.”

Zygmun Bauman 

On its third edition, and having previously dealt with topics such as the “transformation of the territory through art and creativity” or “the impact of the cultural industries”,  they now return under the title “Culture and creativity in constant mutation”. Three talks to debate transversally about the liquid modernity that can be found in a territory under constant mutation such as Poblenou and that affect a multitude of industries within the art, culture and creativity fields.

The third edition of the 2021 Urban Talks will be held on Saturday, December 11, within the first edition of AR-DE, a circuit of galleries, showrooms and museums with the aim of promoting art and design produced by Poblenou Urban District.

Day: Decembre 11, 2021
Schedule: 11h-15h
Transport: Marina (L1) / Bogatell (L4) Metro.
Address: Carrer dels Almogàvers 122, 08018 Barcelona
Entrance: Access to the talks is free. To access it will be necessary to present the COVID passport.
Place: The Loft – Sala Razzmatazz

You can follow the Urban Talks through streaming on our YouTube channel and Instagram profile.