Poblenou Open Night immerse the Creative District in art, music and gastronomy

Once again, the streets of Barcelona’s Creative District were filled with art, music and the best atmosphere during the eighth edition of Poblenou Open Night

Last 26th of November, Poblenou Open Night came back and along with it a diverse and complete programming. Art galleries, artist’s studios, training centers, design studios, hubs/coworking, shops, concert’s halls and gastronomical spaces participated in this edition. All presented their last work, new exhibition, current project or exquisite menu, and contributed in making this evening most pleasant and awaited. All people involved succeeded in sharing their passion with the public, through workshops, recitals, live shows, participative activities and more. 

This year was also the second edition of Music Urban District / MUC, a musical circuit through most emblematic and one-of-a-kind stages of Barcelona’s Creative District where 15 DJs, from completely different styles and backgrounds, performed in one of the three participating spaces: the Sala Lolita of Razzamatazz, Bridge_49 Studios and BAU Centre universitari de disseny. From 6pm to 12am, we celebrated with the most eclectic and unique line-up: from Tech House, Dark Disco or Minimal to Salsa, Hip Hop, Funk or Jazz. A real journey through musical genres for the public of Poblenou Open Night

In total, there were more than 50 participating spaces organizing more than 60 different activities, more than 40 musicians and DJs that lived up the spaces.

From Poblenou Urban District, we want to thank all the spaces that participated in this special edition of Poblenou Open Night and that contributed to its success. Past times have been hard for Barcelona’s Creative District and the sector of culture and gastronomy, but events like this one convince us the best is yet to come.  

We invite you all to follow and support this participating spaces of this eighth edition: 

Art galleries, museums, showrooms, artists’ studios and creation centers: el Disseny Hub, el Museu del Disseny, La Plataforma, Piramidón. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Chez Xefo, The Folio Club, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Carmina Wiegerinck, Rosapalo Bcn by Valls Fortuny, Rosa del Foc, Unusual Concept Store and Gallery, Codigo Sound and Light Project

Training centers in design and architecture, coworking and hubs: BAU, IAAC, Barcelona School of Creativity, FX Animation, L’Idem Barcelona, Bridge_48, Valkiria Hub

Design, architecture, production and event studios: Mediodesign, Estudi Josep Ruà, Fundació Palo Alto, Roc35, Artec Studio

Theater and music: Teatro Nacional de Cataluña, Sala Beckett, L’Auditori, Sala Razzmatazz

Recomforting workshops: Samaani Holistic, TSH Campus Marina

Gastronomical spaces: El Tío Ché, D9, Carrot Café, La Tavernícola, Catacroquet, Timesburg, Van Van Var, Koh Barcelona, Petit Bangkok, Local 225, Bodega Alaparra, Corpen Gin, CACHO, Ovella Negra, KIBUKA, Garage Beer Co Poblenou, La Taquería


We are now looking forward for next edition of Poblenou Open Day where you’ll get to re (discover) the spaces of Poblenou Urban District.