The Ared foundation will fill the Palo Alto’s spaces with gastronomy and textiles against the social exclusion of vulnerable collectives

  • The charity action, driven by the Ared Foundation, will have the objective to raise funds for their projects in support of the employability of women that find themselves in a situation of social exclusion. 

The Ared Foundation, a non-profit organisation with a focus on education and labour insertion of people at risk of social exclusion, will assign the money raised from the “La Nit d’Ared” solidarity dinner to this collective of women. 

The necessities and number of persons in a situation of poverty and social exclusion have been highly raised due to the impact of Covid-19. From the Ared Foundation, an increased poverty threshold was observed especially in women of more than 60 years old, with no job or education. With “La Nid d’Ared”, a solidarity dinner that will take place on the 28th of October in the gardens of Palo Alto foundation and that will combine gastronomy, textiles and social values, the entity will raise money to guarantee the employability of women at risk of social exclusion. 

After 27 years of being a social example with its focus on education and professionalization, as well as its work of accompaniment to encourage personal autonomy, the Ared Foundation emphasizes the importance of education as a key pillar, not only for full integration in the society, but as well for the fight against the pay gap. 

With an economy paralyzed with unemployment and layoff, this collective competes in a sociocultural context where the average wage of women is 5.726,30 euros less in comparison to the average wage of men, which is 26.738,19 euros. For that reason, the Ared Foundation, by creating alliances with collaborators, businesses and social entities, works as an agent of change for equality in order to offer a second labor opportunity to more than 1.300 persons each year. 

The Ared Foundation is a non-profit entity that accompanies persons at risk of vulnerability, mostly women coming from penitentiary facilities or social services, to help them integrate fully into the society. 

The Ared Foundation was founded in 1994 in the penitentiary facility of Barcelona (Wad Ras) as an initiative of Teresa Rodriguez, founder and president of the foundation until 2018. It first began with five women deprived of their freedom and students from a tailoring class, with the objective to offer them a formation and new opportunity of life. 27 years later, the Ared Foundation has helped more than 12.000 persons, of whom 3.500 have found a job in Barcelona.