Open-door events in SAE Institute and IAAC

SAE Institute and IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) open the doors of their spaces during an open-door day. On the 24th and 25th of November, SAE Institute will present their different programs in the musical industry. On the 27th of November, the IAAC invites us to discover the Collserola Park of Barcelona and the Valldaura Labs, where they develop sustainability and wood architecture projects. 

SAE Institute

For their open-door, SAE Institute will present their different programs in the musical industry. On the 24th of November, their program on Audio Production will be presented, for those who want to become sound professionals and who want to study and learn with the best professional equipment. On the 25th of November, you’ll get to discover the Electronic Music and Urban Music Production program, along with Javier Guillén, academic coordinator of SAE Institute. 

This open-door event is the perfect occasion to visit the SAE Institute campus of Barcelona and get to know their educational method, validated for more than 40 years as world leader in the creative field’s education. 

If you wish to be trained in professional studies and learn directly from the best people of the sector, don’t look more. SAE Institute is the place for you. The inscriptions for January 2022 are already open. 

The event is in-person and will happen on the 24th and 25th of November from 4pm to 7pm.

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IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)

The next 27th of November, discover IAAC‘s Valldaura Labs in the park of Collserola in Barcelona, and get to know the new paradigm of circular economy through exemples of wood prototypes.  

Valldaura Labs is an innovation center destined to self-sufficient habitat where educational and investigation projects, connected to history and culture, are being developed. Using as much traditional craftsmanship as avant-garde technology, Valldaura explores the many possibilities of self-sufficient production of energy, fuel and material necessities of day-to-day life, using this technical knowledge to contribute to the building of the human habitat of the future.  

One of the elements that best represents this change of era in architecture and city is the emerging development of the industrialized wood construction as the main material for new ecological buildings. During the visit, you will be shown examples of self-sufficient architecture built with local materials.  

Don’t miss out on this open-door day on next Saturday 27th of November. Visits at 10am and 12pm. 

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