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The Night of the Museums returns to the Creative District

This Saturday, May 14th returns to the city the Night of the Museums, six hours uninterrupted in which you can enjoy culture and entertainment under the light of the stars.

From 7 pm to 1 am, you will find distributed throughout Barcelona more than 70 open spaces that will offer art, science, memory and more. And of course, the museums of the Creative District join this celebration and invite us to visit their spaces. Below, we tell you about the museums in the neighborhood that participate.


Fundació Vila Casas: Museu Can Framis

Museu Can Framis opens its doors for us to visit the permanent exhibition Monòleg, diàleg i concepte and the temporary exhibition Fora de camp, by Isidre Manils. In addition, the proposal stands out for the collaboration with the NauART space, which has resulted in three installations that we will find in the Can Framis square:


19:00 – Hasu Art (Alberto Castiñeira): Giant Sumi-E

Hasu Art presents a performance in which he will create a large format painting with the participation of the public.

20:00 – Seylan Kandak: Ephemeral Sculptures

Ephemeral Sculptures is a photographic series that captures the sculptures Seylan Kandak creates with sheets of paper, turning a fragile structure into a strong and durable one.

21:00 – Daniel Yacubovich: Interactive Still Life

Daniel Yacubovich transfers his pictorial creations to a still life created with objects and with the participation of the public. The still life will be created with objects or food brought by the public.


For more information, check out this link.


Museu del Disseny:

The Museu del Disseny offers free admission to the permanent and temporary exhibitions:


Permanent exhibitions:

  • Common objects. Local stories, global debates.

Objects that deserve this adjective for other reasons: because they are part of popular culture, represent society and are part of the collective memory.

  • Do you design or do you work? The new visual communication (1980-2003).

The design boom, this exhibition explores a time of extraordinary vitality, euphoria and celebration.

  • Extraordinary! Collections of decorative arts (III-XIX centuries).

Exhibition that shows the chronological journey through the collections kept in the museum, including ceramics, textiles, furniture, glass, miniatures, clocks, and more.

  • Modernism, towards the culture of design.

A reinterpretation of Modernism based on the leading role of the decorative and applied arts, crafts and industry.

  • The clothed body. Silhouettes and fashion (1550-2015).

An exhibition that explains how clothing modifies the appearance of the body through actions that tend to alternately compress and free it.


Temporary exhibitions:

Exhibition dedicated to one of the most outstanding graphic designers of the Catalan culture of the 60s.


To know more, check out this link.


Museu de la Música:

Other than open doors, the Museu de la Música also offers a few activities that are open to the public:


Aresta, by Marc Vilanova:

A sound and performative installation featuring an ensemble of autonomous saxophones, performing computer-generated music through algorithmic composition processes and the use of a neural network. It aims to reflect on automation, questioning the need for human presence on stage and the possible obsolescence of the performer.

Check out the time slots at this link.


A saxophone solo by Marc Vilanova that uses the instrument as a sound generator, creating a palette of sounds that goes far beyond our imagination. Without any electronic manipulation, the solo approaches the acoustic instrument and transforms it into totally digital sonorities. An intimate and delicate sound experience.

Check out the time slots at this link.


La Nit dels Museus

Saturday, May 14th, from 7 pm to 01 am