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Discover the two new exhibitions of the Museu Can Framis

The Museu Can Framis presents two new exhibitions that have been inaugurated last Tuesday, May 31. On the one hand, Stella Rahola Matutes, winner of the sculpture award 2021 of the Fundació Vila Casas, presents “L‘Habitació de les Desateses“. On the other hand, “PATRIM’21” is a selection of the best artistic works of the students of the last year of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. Below we tell you more about each exhibition.


L’Habitació de les Desateses, Stella Rahola Matutes

From May 31 to September 18, 2022


Stella Rahola Matutes claims materiality as a substance permanently subject to change, either through an involvement with human and non-human beings and their manipulation, the interaction with its environment or the dynamic life of its chemical reactions. This question involves politically considering the processes of making and their associated power relations, i.e., the workers, their tools and the spaces of production.

The exhibition develops these ideas by taking as an example the condition of transformation of a material such as glass and observing, first of all, how it is worked in an artisan workshop. It reveals, through four artifacts, different moments of the process of blowing borosilicate glass. While the first, entitled L’Aprenent (The Apprentice), shows the initial step for the development of the pieces, the last corresponds to La Fossera (La Fosadura): the metal cubicle present in all glass workshops and where the discarded material is intended.


On Saturday June 18 at 12h, the Museu Can Framis offers a guided tour by the artist Stella Rahola Matutes.



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PATRIM’21 – On habita la pols, Students of the Facultat de Belles Arts of the University of Barcelona

From May 31 to June 15, 2022


“In recent years, the pandemic has conditioned our lives and collaterally our processes of artistic creation. The most immediate habitat and the most monotonous everyday life have become a conscious and relatable scenario. The dust that remains has become as heavy as it is fascinating. We have ended up looking at ourselves from windows and screens, nothing shines like what we knew. Big dreams have been transformed into ruins, streets and memories. Perhaps it may seem a crude and defeatist way of looking at things, but we try to embrace the possibilities that the road takes us.”

The collaboration of the Facultat de Belles Arts with the Fundació Vila Casas makes it possible for the foundation to host this selection of works each year, a fact that facilitates a rapprochement between trained students and artists with professional exhibition circuits and the general public.

This exhibition includes works in different formats: installation, video, photography, drawing and sculpture, among others, and features the following artists: Camil Cofan, Alba Escofet Presedo, Cristina García Sánchez, Nil Juan, Lydia León and Helena Ruiz Ràfols.

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