Special Gastronomy and Mixology: Poblenou Open Night 2021

Where will you find the best gastronomic proposals?


The Poblenou Open Night 2021 is coming back on the night of the 26th of November and this year won’t be lacking in options in terms of gastronomy and mixology. Between two activities, you’ll find the best proposals to have dinner or get a cold beer… You can be sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for! For that matter, we have prepared a list of all the bars and restaurants of the Poblenou Urban District that will participate in the event. Let the tasting begin!


Tapas and drinks in D9

If your thing is to go out with your friends, D9 is the right place for you. Their food menu has it all and is a dream come true for all those tapeo lovers. For this edition of Open Night 2021, bar and restaurant D9 will offer tapas and drinks from 6 PM to 2:30 AM, a good option for those who want to continue to celebrate until late.

Time: 6pm to 2:30am

Address: C/ de Pallars, 122


The best croquetas and music at Catacroquet

Who doesn’t like croquetas? In Catacroquet, you’ll find the best croquetas you’ve ever tried. The menu is divided between the “croquetable” and the “no croquetable”, so you’ll get to choose among a wide variety of croquetas and other dishes. 

For Open Night, Catacroquet will have its kitchen opened all day and night so you can enjoy their croquetas, beers, tapas, jazz and hip-hop on the terrasse. 

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: C/ dels Almogàvers, 211


Turrón tasting in Tío ché

If you’re more into sweet things, you cannot skip going to Tío Ché. They are famous for their tiger nut horchata and farton, their unique slushs and artisanal ice creams, their sandwiches, the truffled and classical artisanal turrón, traditional vermuts and afternoons of hot chocolate with churros and waffles. 

Join a unique sensorial experience that will for sure awaken memories, with the help of aromas and turrón tasting and happy moments shared with your friends.

The experience will last approximately one hour and will be for a group of 10 people. It will definitely change your perception on the importance of flavor and the role of the smell in our lives.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 44-46


Largest variety of burgers in Timesburg Poblenou

In Timesburg Poblenou you can choose among a large variety of burgers with ecological meat, Wagyu, doble meat or vegetarian. We can’t even make up our minds since all of them are delicious. First quality ingredients and with a friendly environment. For Poblenou Open Night, the restaurant will have some surprises for those coming to eat a burger. 

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 168


Street food fever in Van Van Var

Van Van Var A bar that changes every week? A menu that only lasts 7 days? With this curriculum, Van Van Var presents itself as one of the most irreverent, interesting and fun bars of Barcelona. Come and recharge batteries for Poblenou Open Night with one of their specialities, quality street food by nomad chefs. 

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 27


Electronic music in Local 225

We cannot forget to mention Local 225, vermouth and quality tapas bar, with their musical program and artistic exhibitions that you cannot miss.  

For Poblenou Open Night, Local 225 will liven up their space with DJ sets from @_bkmd and @xinohayes from 7PM til 12AM. The public of Open Night will get to enjoy their cocktail and food menu with good electronic music.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer del Dr. Trueta, 225


The best gin in Corpen Gin

If you find Corpen Gin on your way, you have to enter. You’ll discover a small distillery that elaborates exquisite gins. For Open Night 2021, Corpen Gin invites you to get to know them and try their gin. Do a tasting and/or a guided visit of their space, and discover the behind the scenes and secret of their famous gin. You’re gonna be surprised!

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 74, Bajo 6


Express trip to Tokyo in KIBUKA

KIBUKA, the restaurant that’ll get you directly to Tokyo with its quality japanese food, invites you for Open Night 2021 to come and eat sushis, ramen, okonomiyaki, yakimeshi and other delicacies with occidental influence. 

Time: 7pm to 11pm

Address: Carrer de Llull, 155


Tribute to the Beatles in Ovella Negra

The most famous tavern of Barcelona is the meeting point by excellence for many of the young population of Barcelona: a space dedicated to drinking, eating, fussball, playing darts, pool and more. 

For Open Night, Ovella Negra will have a tribute to the Beatles. The group will play the biggest hit of the British band and the place promises to have the best atmosphere. Starting from 8pm, you cannot miss it!

Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Address: Carrer de Zamora, 78


The tastiest wines in Bodega Alaparra

If you want to discover great wines, great cavas or cheeses, allow yourself to be advised by the experts of Bodega Alaparra

The winery will be open during the Poblenou Open Night and you’ll get to enjoy their wines and exclusive tapas. In addition, the multidisciplinary artist Marina Esmeraldo presents a new collection of oil pastel works inspired by the universe of wine and the rich Mediterranean culture.

Time: 6pm to 11pm

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 136


Home-made and daring food at CACHO

New partner of Poblenou Urban District, CACHO arrives to Poblenou Open Night willing to generate a different space where the neighbours from the neighborhood will find homemade and quality food, tap beers and an amazing atmosphere in the biggest terrasse of Barcelona’s Creative District. Come by and get to know them, because you’ll have CACHO for when you need it. 

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Llull, 27


Open Night’s edition’s cake in Carrot Café

Carrot Café has the best atmosphere to enjoy their unique sandwiches, elaborated with their wide choice of more than 14 artisanal breads. Gourmet burgers, their famous Pastrami, and of course their New York style cheesecakes, with more than 30 varieties. Dare to try the Open Night edition’s cake!

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Tànger, 22


Live painting in Garage Beer Co Poblenou

Garage Beer Co Poblenou is an informal brewery where they produce their own beers with surprising quality. Their local has sofas and a terrace so that you feel just like home. For Poblenou Open Night, you’ll get to enjoy the exhibition and live painting show of Alicia Vogel. Moreover, there will be a selection of 20 local craft beer from and pizza of entire local production, with a special recipe for the occasion.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Passeig de Calvell, 45


Most indulging ramens in KOH

If, during a break, you feel like some asian food, KOH will leave you speechless: from their gyozas to their ramen, or their rolls with the kimchi and curry sauce, everything is scandalously delicious.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 133


Mezcal tasting in La Taquería

For the lovers of Mexican food, you have to go to La Taquería. A project that was born from the idea to reclaim and make people discover Mexican street food. For Poblenou Open NIght, there will be a tasting of Mezcals from different states of Mexico, as well as a special taco for Open Night and cocktails and a surprise DJ for the occasion. 

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 172


Best quality meat in La Tavernícola

La Tavernícola, the restaurant for meat and ecological production lovers, is the place to enjoy exquisite Argentinian and local meats with a large selection of wines. Come enjoy a glass of Malbec with a delicious Argentinian tapa.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: Carrer de Roc Boronat, 70


Immediate transfer to Thailand in Petit Bangkok

Petit Bangkok, an authentic Thai restaurant. A nice option for this Poblenou Open Night, enjoy their menu and get transported directly to Thailand.

Time: 7pm to 12am

Address: C/ d’Àvila, 87


Now that we’ve made your mouth water, have you chosen where you’ll be eating and drinking for the night of the 26th of November?