Art proposals of Poblenou Open Day

For the Poblenou Open Day we propose a programme where Art is the protagonist, and in the Creative District there are a lot of spaces dedicated to this cultural sector so characteristic in our community.

If you are one of those people who are looking for activities dedicated to Art, this is the article for you to take into account so that you can make the best tour in Poblenou Open Day.

Coinciding with Windows Art Circuit / WAC, Pobenou Urban District organizes a program dedicated to Art with interventions of mural art by emerging artists and a collective exhibition of various disciplines as a central axis.


El Solar

In “El Solar”, located at c/pujades 64-66, there will be mural interventions by different artists selected in the WAC call, experimenting and trying out new techniques and materials. All this mural proposal will coexist with DJ’s sessions, theatre, stencil workshops, augmented reality, gastronomy, sale of emerging art, creating an interdisciplinary event in one of the most emblematic plots of land in Poblenou.

From 12h to 20h


In the same line, in “La Fachada” in Àvila with Pujades, will be another space where you can enjoy live large-format mural art interventions by a group of different artists throughout the day, activity framed in Windows Art Circuit / WAC and produced by Poblenou Urban District.

From 12h to 20h



The new BAU space, located at Ciutat de Granada 34, will become a cultural Hub where different activities will coexist. On the one hand, a group exhibition of the artists participating in this year’s edition of Windows Art Circuit / WAC, as well as previous editions with a point of sale of art with their latest works. Also scheduled is a talk by designer David Ruiz who will present his book *Irse, with creativity as a background and a lecture by Giles Pooley and Mike van der Noordt, founding partners of LuzidLab, presenting the CANVAS DIGITAL project; an augmented reality platform that allows artists to create digital art of all types and scales and project it in any urban space.

12h to 14h Talk David Ruiz

17h to 18h Talk Giles Pooley and Mike Van der Noordt


Museu Can Framis

On 7 May, the museum is not only offering reduced admission, but is also organising a family activity called “Transporting Art”.

An everyday object is hidden in some of the museum’s works. To discover it, families will have to let themselves be carried away by the colours, shapes and textures of the works and visit unexpected places. After the guided tour of the permanent exhibition, adults and children will put their discoveries into practice by creating their own work.

Time: 11.30 a.m.

Recommended minimum age: 5 years old

Price: 8€ per person



Palo Alto

Collaborate with the people of Ukraine, come and see the exhibitions ONZE: 10 artists, 10 auctions, 1 cause and the collective Artist Against War, where there will be an art sales point. Visit Palo Alto, enjoy the exhibitions and have a vermouth in the garden. 100% of the proceeds will go to Health Warriors and the purchase of medical supplies for Ukraine. Sign up for guided tours. Free access to the site.

Timetable from 10h to 14h
Address: Pellaries 30-38


La Plataforma

Opens its doors to inaugurate “Construcciones Analógicas”, a collaboration between the artists Ekaitz and Hernández Deu. The exhibition is a conversation that lights up with a flickering light bulb, and is led with ease through emblematic pieces by both artists. You will be able to attend and enjoy the best cocktails and live DJ sessions by DJ Naro and Ele Rea.

Time: 12h – 22h
Address: Pujades, 99


Matías Krahn

The Chilean artist opens the doors of his studio where we will be able to discover his colourful works of art, which question the world around him, a specific circumstance and an environment, but also the most intimate and subjective. Interested in the balance between the exterior and the interior, he arranges the space and the figures it contains. His work, influenced by surrealism, is a mirror of the psyche and the unconscious, expressed in an infinite number of forms and tones.

Opening hours: from 12 to 15h

Address: Llull 63, 1r 3a


Mermi Studio

Mermi Studio invites us for this Poblenou Open Day to see the latest works of Philippe Mermi, where he explores movement and the interaction between space and symbol, and develops a pure visual language where movement and space interfere.

Time: 12h to 20h

Address: Pere IV, 51


Chez Xefo

The gallery opens its doors with the exhibition “From Defragmentation to Unification” by Magda Ćwik. Get ready to embrace a different perspective of reality and recognise the importance of the fragmentation of being. There will also be a poetic/musical recital by the duet Piu Piu i la Mallarenga Sense Niu.

Time: 12h to 21h

Address: Badajoz 46


Piramidón. Centre d’Art Contemporani

Visit to the exhibition “Colectiva 2022_n2”, with the participation of the resident artists Pol Pintó, Stella Rahola, Marco Noris, Ana Monzón, Eduard Resbier, Rosanna Casano, Tono Carbajo, Dedé Lins, Iván Franco, Pepe Castellanos, Estefanía Urrutia, Jose Bonell, Pedro de Ribot, Yamandú Canosa and Kati Riquelme.

At the same time, you will be able to enjoy a vermouth on the terrace of the centre, contemplating the views of the city.

Timetable: from 11h to 14h

Address: Concilio de Trento 313, 16º floor


Garage Beer Co Poblenou

This year, Garage Beer Co Poblenou invites you to see the works of the artist Erika Rossi, Italian illustrator and designer. Specialising in digital illustration, Rossi also explores murals, textiles and toy design, among others. The activity will be free and open until full capacity is reached.

Time: 17h to 21h

Address: Passeig de Calvell, 45


Rosapalo Bcn by Inés Valls Fortuny 

In the Rosapalo Bcn space, Inés Valls Fortuny invites us to visit the collective exhibition “Arte en femenino”, where several Spanish artists come together to paint a tribute to women through their brushstrokes on 1×1 canvases and with the colour lilac as a common thread.

Opening hours: 12 to 20h

Address: Pellaires, 3


Carmina Wiegerinck 

A unique opportunity to get to know the studio of a live artist. Carmina Wiegerinck, a Brazilian-Dutch-Catalan sculptor who has lived in Barcelona for more than thirty years, opens the doors of her studio for the Poblenou Open Day where we can enjoy her works in a unique format.

Timetable: from 12 noon to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm.

Address: Ciutat de Granada 9


Rosa de Foc

For Poblenou Open Day, Carles de Corral invites us to visit his artistic space and workshop, to get to know his “physical Instagram” and chat with him while we enjoy a drink. What used to be the old shop is the shop window, and the back room, the workshop, both open to the public and open to visit.

Opening hours: 11am to 7pm

Address: Llacuna 5, baixos


Valkiria Hub Space

Valkiria and its restaurant Golden&Smith also open their space this May 7th so you can take advantage of the last day of the Callum ANDREW Robertson exhibition, an exhibition of colour and design, influenced by New Zealand culture (Aotearoa).

Time: from 10h to 18h

Address: Pujades 126


L&B Gallery

L&B Gallery opens with special opening hours and invites us to “Aperitif with the artist” in the context of the current group exhibition Blanc i negre with works by Vanessa Pey, Antonio Lazo, Xavi Muñoz, Sito Mújica, Meta Isæus-Berlin, Joan Ill and Pietro Capogrosso.

Timetable: 11h – 14h and 17h – 20h

Address: Carrer d’Àlaba, 58