All the design and architecture proposals of Poblenou Open Day

The spaces dedicated to and specialising in Design and Architecture have surprises and activities planned for 7 May. They will open their doors to present their latest projects, current exhibitions and the most innovative installations during the tenth edition of Poblenou Open Day. Here are their proposals.



ProtoPixel will participate with the lighting of the space of the new hotel The Hoxton Poblenou with the MONOLIGHT light piece.

The Monolight is a 1m x 2.80m light structure made up of 300 pixels and more than 5,000 LEDs capable of recreating images and content. With its great dynamism and a wide palette of colours, the Monolight allows the user to enjoy a unique lighting experience.

Opening hours: 12h – 20h

Address: The Hoxton Poblenou, Avinguda Diagonal, 205



At IAAC from 12h to 20h you can visit the installation “Aïgua Invisible” created by the students of the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture for this year’s Llum Festival.

Water is the essence of life. It is part of the production chain of most everyday objects, from consumer goods to the energy we consume. More importantly, however, it plays a crucial role in the process of producing the food we eat. Water leaves marks all around us, some of which are difficult to see. Let the light show you what is hidden behind the curtain. Come and see what is invisible. Enjoy the show and learn more about the “water footprint”.

By interacting with the installation Aïgua Invisible (Invisible Water), visitors will gain knowledge about the water footprint of the most common food products consumed every day in Europe. To clearly visualise the idea behind the notion of “water footprint”, the skin of the structure is composed of a multitude of plastic bottles. The number of bottles that light up with each product on display corresponds proportionally to their actual water footprint in “invisible litres”.

The visit is free and the installation will be located inside its space.

Timetable: 12h – 20h

Address: Pujades 102


Fab Lab Barcelona

At Fab Lab Barcelona the public will be able to discover the exhibition “Towards a productive neighbourhood in Poblenou”, which will include objects, posters, physical and audiovisual materials developed by Fab Lab in projects connected with the concept of the productive city and in the context of Fab Cities.

A productive city or neighbourhood develops its food, energy and materials systems to build an inclusive, diverse, self-sufficient and sustainable urban environment. Fab Lab Barcelona works on educational programmes and research projects to implement innovative ideas and prototypes towards a more productive city and neighbourhood in Poblenou.

Timetable: 12h – 21h

Address: Pujades 102


Medio Design

Medio Design opens its doors to the public to celebrate a new open day with two main activities.

On the one hand, there will be an exhibition of projects in progress. Three exhibitions of projects in development will show in detail the creative process of an architecture and design studio that uses advanced technology with an artisanal sensibility.

The projects are: a light installation for a commercial space; a customised display stand and a topographical sculpture project.

Opening hours: 12h – 19h

Address: Pallars, 85-91, 5-2




For the Poblenou Open Day, there will be an Open Day at L’Idem in which everyone will be able to visit the school and enjoy a visionary of all the animation shorts that its students have made over the last 10 years.

Timetable: 10h – 19h

Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 53, 57



BD Barcelona Design

BD Barcelona Design celebrates with us in this Poblenou Open Day its 50th anniversary, and presents in its open day the novelties of the 2022 collection: chairs, sofas, objects, tables and much more that reflects the intersection between art and design.

Opening hours: 10h – 14h and 14h30 – 19h

Address: Ramon Turró, 126